The 5 Print Marketing Tools you need to have at your Expo Stand

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The 5 print marketing tools

Exhibitions and promotional stands provide a lucrative business opportunity. If implemented correctly, your exhibition stand has the power to increase your brand awareness and turn potential clients into clients. So, how do you drive traffic to your stand?

Here are a few promotional and print marketing tools to help your promotional stand, stand out!


1) Branded Promo Tables

It is all well and goof to have a table to place your promotional materials and products, but if your table isn’t branded, why would anyone remember you or trust what you are promoting? A trestle table, with a white cloth draped over it doesn’t exactly scream “professionalism.” If anything, it cheapens your brand and makes your business appear dull and unreliable.

A personalised branded promotion table draws the eye effectively. With creative graphics and branding, in-line with your brand identity, you are sure to pull the crowds. A well branded business is a trustworthy business, and at an expo event you want to make sure your business is remembered.

Promo tables are an investment as they are durable, easily movable, and can be taken from location to locations with ease. Jetline’s promo tables allow you to customise your display to your specifications. Whether for an expo or a simple display stand in the office, we have the promo table for you!

2) Branded Display Stands

Show off your product on a sturdy and fully customisable display stand that is unique and eye-catching.

Much like a branded promo table, branded display stands are just another way to re-impart your brand image. Instead of stacking your products, brochures, and flyers messily on a table, invest in a well-designed and durable promotional stand.

Place your display stand on the side of your promo table. Once you have engaged your audience with a bit of verbal communication from behind your promo table, direct them to your brochures, flyers, or products that are perfectly and neatly displayed on your well-designed and personalised display stand.

Professional quality and easy to assemble, Jetline’s range of point of sale display stands are the perfect solution to in-house and promotional stand branding.

3) Informative Brochures

Brochures are a powerful print marketing tool. When it comes to passing on information at your expo stand, you need to send your potential client away with tangible information about your brand. By giving them a well-designed, informative, and eye-catching brochure, you are passing on all your relevant business information.

You don’t ever need to feel held back when it comes to your brochure design. There are many ways to make sure that your brochure content is read and remembered by your audience and not simply tossed aside.

Branding and printing companies are thinking outside of the box when it comes to print marketing, and are now crafting innovative brochures that catch and keep the eye of the consumer. From one of a kind design to unusual texture and shape, the opportunity to get creative with your brochure printing is limitless.


4) Branded Stickers and Magnets

You are at an expo, and let’s be honest, you know people expect some sort of freebie! Quick to print, affordable, easy and convenient to transport, stickers and magnets are a fun marketing tool.Hand out stickers and magnets with your promotional materials and product. Make sure they are designed with your logo and contact details to ensure brand awareness.

Stickers are an out-of-the-box way to market your business. Jetline can print in full colour, spot colour, or black and white, printed on vinyl or reversed for windows and glass.

From fridge magnets to car magnets, Jetline can customise and print any magnet with your design – in any size that you choose.

Our magnets and stickers are professionally finished to ensure that your brand makes an impact in a unique and creative way!

5) Business Cards

Your expo stand is about networking and getting your brand to your target market. So, what is essential to any networking situation? Business cards!

Business cards are one of the most effective networking tools in the marketing arsenal. This thumb to thumb interaction establishes a first impression, while serving as a reminder of your business in a clear, professional manner.

A business card provides the opportunity to showcase your business personality. Jetline offers a variety of business card printing solutions including: full colour, spot colour, metallic ink, letterpress design, or black and white.


At Jetline we understand and appreciate the importance of print marketing and printed materials. We have put together print and branding options to suit all budgets. Our team work with you to ensure the ultimate end-result. From business cards to billboards – we offer it all.

Contact our experts today for more information on all your printing requirements.

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