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If your home was on fire, what possessions would you save? One of the most frequent answers is photographs! It is interesting that when we are thrown into complete panic mode, we go for photographs rather than jewelry isn’t it? This impulse comes down to saving our memories, our history, and our personal narrative.

All the photographs you have taken come together to form your life story and they preserve your history for generations to come. Let’s take a look at why photo printing, photo albums, and photobooks matter.


Have you ever gone through an old shoe box filled with photographs from your grandparents? Sifting through hundreds of images that form a single narrative, your family history, is inspiring. Have you ever gone through your old high school year books or photo albums for a taste of nostalgia? Another inspiring experience!

Now, as unnerving as this sounds, your photographs are going to outlive you. They will be sifted through by family members for generations to come. This is the significance of photobooks and photo albums. They are the pieces of the puzzle that complete your life story, keeping your memory alive.


Photographs are much more than recordings of your life. Photography expresses the most innate part of humanity, our desire to communicate and share our stories. You only have to click through Instagram, Snap Chat, or Pintrest to see how much people love sharing their visual inspiration. There are millions of online users expressing their particular style through visuals. Our photographs invite like-minded people into our lives.

Photographs are a powerful tool for interconnection and communication, whether online or offline. This is why photobooks have become increasingly popular. This tool includes both digital and printed aspects of photography, resulting in a tangible expression of our digital world.


The act of taking a photograph allows us to express ourselves. We are able to capture gorgeous landscapes, stunning sunsets, or a simple moment of joy.

Each of us has a different reason for taking photos and without even knowing it, we are creating something personal and beautiful. Photographs have the power to draw the eye and communicate directly to our feelings and emotions.


As human beings, we value the power of touch because it impacts our spirit. However, we do live in an online world and it seems as if nothing is really tangible anymore. We hide ourselves behind online communication, share countless photographs through social platforms, and never stop to remember those documented moments.

Look at your phone. How many images have you got stored? Hundreds? Thousands? Do these saved images hold special meaning or are they a repetitive collection of randomness? Your memories are buried among a plethora of digital images and before you know it, they have been forgotten, discarded somewhere online.

We are beginning to become aware of our non-personalised approach to our life moments. This is why personalised photobooks have flourished in popularity. They combine both digital and traditional means to create a story book of your life.


Make your memories last a lifetime with Jetline’s photobook offerings. Our personalised approach to photobooks promises your most precious pictures are displayed perfectly for your loved ones. You are able to finish your photobook to your own specifications.

We offer a vast collection of styles, themes, backgrounds, and formats to choose from. These include: full colour, bound hard cover leatherette, or a fully printed coffee table book cover, in gloss or matt to ensure that your photobook is unique to your style.

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