Colour Marketing and your Brand: Printing Company Tips

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Colour marketing and your brand

As a leading printing company, we know about the importance of colour. The psychology of colour is an intriguing journey and one that is constantly evolving. We have come to understand the importance of colour in advertising and branding. Your brand colours need to be well thought out and reflect the look and feel of your business identity.

The question is, “does colour really play a role in the consumers purchasing habits?”

Let’s take a look at the statistics and facts surrounding this concept.

Colour Marketing: The Facts and Stats

Colour has been proven to have a strong psychological impact on the consumers behaviour and purchasing decision. In fact, colour is sometimes the sole reason a person purchases a product.

93% of consumers focus on the visual aesthetic, while 85% state that colour is their primary reason for purchase.

The colours you choose for your overall brand will feature on all your marketing and business materials, from your email signature and website to your billboards and flyers. You need to be certain that these colours are appropriate and portray your brand personality.

Colour has been proven to increase brand recognition by an astonishing 80%.

Studies have also shown that the relationship between a business and its target market depends on whether the colour is appropriate for that particular brand. An example would be if you are selling funeral cover and have a bright pink logo. This celebratory colour would definitely not be appropriate for your brand.

Your brand colours need to fit with what you are selling.

Big Brands and their Brand Colours

Colour is about the image and mood that your brand portrays and this is what plays a role in consumer persuasion. The colour of your brand should tell your story and give the consumer insight into what your brand stands for.

A great example of this would be Apple’s white logo. This reflect the company’s love of clean, simple and crisp design.


McDonald’s red and yellow colour evokes playfulness and high energy. The colours actually trigger appetite as well! The red promotes a sense of urgency and you want to eat NOW! Perfect for a fast food joint. Think about it. When you see yellow and red, even out of context, you immediately think of McDonald’s. This simple colour marketing tactic is exceptionally powerful.

Colour your Brand

Colour and branding are inextricably linked because colour provides an immediate method for putting across a particular message without using words. It is the visual component that is remembered most, followed by the symbol or shape of the logo. And then only then are the words recalled.

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