Best Superhero Poster Designs of all Time

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Superhero poster designs of all time

For years there was a real monotony to Superhero film posters, specifically those released by DC and Marvel. Seeing the stoic hero standing in front of some kind of explosion or recently destroyed landscape was inevitable. But there have been some recent (and some older) film posters that broke the mold and gave us a fresh look at the aesthetic of the superhero genre. These are the posters that have found their way into the hearts of collectors.

Let’s take a look at some of these printspiring designs.

Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn, iconic director of Guardians of the Galaxy, got creative with marketing his film. He interacted with fans and made them part of the conversation and design process. He held a contest for Guardians of the Galaxy fans which resulted in some incredible fan posters.

These posters were then integrated into the movies marketing campaign. It was this particular poster that became the fan favourite. This is because the poster spoofs one of the world’s most iconic film posters – Star Wars. This keeps in line with the personality of the film and its actors alike – quirky, endearing, funny, and cool.


The Dark Knight

Not only did this film birth one of the most iconic acting roles in history (who will ever forget Heath Ledgers incredible portrayal of The Joker?), the films poster became iconic. In 2008, everyone recognised the catch phrase “why so serious?” from the film. I mean, we still use those words today in reference of the film.

Director of “The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan was able to create a viral campaign based around this line alone, and obviously it would heave to feature prominently on the films poster. Many designers focus on strong imagery when putting together a film poster, but the powerful words and blurry visual work perfectly together.

The eeriness of the colours, the font, and the bloodied smile says it all. Sometimes simpler is better.

Flash Gordon

How’s this for an 80s throwback? Yes, Flash Gordon may have been a disappointing film, it bombed horribly at the box office, however, it did have an awesome poster! Flash Gordon is a sci-fi superhero adventure, complete with cheesy effects and filled with a soundtrack by Queen – no wonder the film became a cult classic. But we digress, let’s get back to the poster design.

The design clearly tells the audience about the film. The sci-fi elements are perfectly displayed without taking away from the films leading man. This may very well be the original “stoic hero and film landscapes” visual we have become overly accustomed to as of late. But you have to give props where props are due.
This film launched a poster trend even though it was a titanic failure…


Drew Struzan is one of the film industry’s most renowned and respected movie poster designers. This was actually the last poster he designed before resigning from the business.

This particular poster was created at the request of Guillermo del Toro, the films director. It was actually rejected by the film studio because the designer’s art had gradually fallen out of popularity. But the studio didn’t expect this to become Guillermo del Toro’s most treasured possession – a collectors dream.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man may not have been the greatest success, and was not as well received as Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, it did come with a better poster print campaign.

If you look back at the previous Spider-Man posters, you will probably find them quite pedestrian and simple – just a close up of the superhero. This particular teaser poster definitely draws the eye. We are so used to seeing Spider-Man portrayed as a relatable underdog of sorts, and this poster gave him a lot more power. Sadly, the franchise was cancelled before we could ever fully understand the power of Spidey himself.

Iron Man 3

As we mentioned previously, most of the recent Marvel film posters look identical. This poster offered an awesome alternative to what we are used to seeing from the studio. There is an art to the design, as we see Tony Stark descend and fall from grace.

The poster plays on our emotions and makes us desperate to know what happens to Iron Man. This is considered the best film poster released from Marvel, and the movie itself is one of the greatest sequels in the Marvel Universe.

Batman (1989)

At this time, the superhero genre was not as big as it is today. In fact, the gap between this film and 1978s Superman was massive. It was this poster that revived the buzz around the genre and all it took was an iconic logo.

The design is simple, and managed to get every fans heart racing – Batman was on his way! This is actually considered one of the greatest teaser posters of all time – and not just in the superhero/fantasy genre.

Punisher: War Zone

Some loved the film, some loathed the film, but whatever your opinion, you have to admit that Punisher: War Zone gave fans something new and unexpected. This included some really awesome posters. Of course, there is the powerfull skull logo (reminiscent of the Batamn 1989 poster), but this particular teaser poster has to be applauded.

It is the ideal piece of pop art, and pays homage to some of Marvel’s most renowned comic book covers. It is not just a poster, it is art! This image, displayed on the walls of a cinema complex definitely draws the eye and perfectly captures the character of Frank Castle in all his fierceness. A lot of thought and time went into this design and it has to be appreciated.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Launched at Comic-Con 2013, this poster is a great example of a viral film poster. What makes it iconic is its unique appeal, it makes us certain we are about to watch something epic. Reminiscent of propaganda posters from the past, the design sets the stage for the films premise.

The slogan “Mutants are the Enemy” drives home everything about the film, and we want to see the Mutants rise up to beat this!

Ghost Rider

This film poster is the perfect example of the Ghost Rider aesthetic.

It may not be one of the most beloved superhero franchises in the world, but the imagery created from the graphic novel is extraordinary. This poster is one of the grittiest, most eye-catching Marvel posters ever made.

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The role and aesthetic of posters is always evolving, meeting the ever changing trends of design and pop-culture. The poster continues to play a big role in advertising, events, film, music, and marketing. It is one of the best tools in the marketing and design arsenal!

If you are thinking about creating an eye-catching print marketing campaign. why not invest in some strategic posters? Your poster needs to reflect your brand message, tell your business story, and catch the eye of your target market. It is important that you work closely with an experienced design and printing company to assist you in creating the ultimate poster!

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