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With the power of the internet and social media, we have more eyes on us than ever before. This is why it is important for businesses to put their brand message across clearly. Your logo is the face of your business, and you need to make sure that it is appropriate for your brand message. Many companies have made massive mishaps when it comes to logo design. You do not want to be one of those companies, especially if your logo no-go goes viral.

What not to do when it comes to your logo design and marketing materials:

Don’t Hire an Amateur Graphic Designer

A business needs to look professional. Business owners invest money and time in their equipment and property, and tend to forget about the importance of the logo and brand image itself. Due to lack of importance placed on graphic design, many logos appear amateurish and misleading. Think about it, would you trust a business with a clip art logo?

It is important that you invest time in your logo design and work with a professional graphic designer. Many business owners design their logo’s themselves, or ask a family member with a bit of design knowledge to do them a favour. This usually results in failure because if you hire an amateur, your logo will be sub-standard.

Just don’t use clip art. Ever.

Hire a professional graphic designer who understands all the elements of your logo and brand. They need to take all marketing materials into consideration when designing it. Will it work in black and white? Does the colour represent your brand personality? Is it easy on the eye? Is it scalable? These are all questions that professional digital and print designers can help you with. You are sure to walk away with an eye-catching yet functional design when you work with professionals.

Never Rely on Trends

We have all seen design trends come and go. From swooshes to bevels, these trends always end up turning into cliches. Logos must always be designed to endure the changing times. They need to be timeless.

The overused Hipster Logo. Will these stand the test of time?

No gimmicks and trendy tricks. The logo designer’s job is to create a logo that embraces a specific corporate identity and stands the test of time.

Say No to Stock Art

Adding stock vectors to your logo will put you at serious risk. A logo needs to be unique in your industry. If you have downloaded a stock image for your logo, someone else has done exactly the same thing, and your logo is certainly not unique.

The consumer can also quickly spot cheap stock imagery.

Don’t Font it Up

Typography is always important. Every typeface has its very own personality. Every aspect of your logo needs to be taken seriously, so don’t just blindly pick a font and run with it.

Can you even read this?

Look at your logo from an objective perspective and see if it reflects your corporate identity and tells your story appropriately.

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Your logo forms the foundation of your brand identity, working as the visual indicator of your business.

They key to creating a powerful logo design is to develop one that is “wearable.” This means that it works across all marketing platforms, from print to digital, while capturing the essence of your business identity and company values.

Designing a logo is a monumental task. It takes strategic thinking, testing, and of course, you need a professional graphic designer, printing company and branding company to help you through the process.

Are you looking to create an effective, wearable and eye-catching logo for your business?

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