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It’s all about drawing the eye! As a marketer, you want people to stop, gasp, and look at your brand designs, right? Well, have we got some inspiration for you!

As a society we are persistently online, searching for specific information or scrolling through our social platforms. We are bombarded with thousands of brand messages a day. How many of them do we actually notice? “Banner blindness” is a thing. It’s when users in an online environment become blind to your advertising. You obviously don’t want your audience to be blind to your marketing!

Print marketing to the rescue! While many advertising strategies today tend to overlook traditional marketing, this kind of marketing has proven its power. Unlike online banners, traditional print marketing is placed in locations where we search for distractions, where we need something to occupy our time. In waiting rooms we pick up that pamphlet and when stuck in peak hour traffic we read the billboards and posters that line the side of the road. Print advertising that is placed tactically reaches your target market effectively and brings feet through the door while furthering brand awareness.

It is important that you draw the eye of the consumer. You want to stand out from the crowd and pique customer interest. To create the ideal pamphlets, brochures, flyers or posters, you need to work closely with an experienced design team and a professional printing company to ensure a quality end result.

Take a look at these genius designs and consider whether these would catch your eye.


A powerful drunk driving advert series, depicting superheroes in a drunk driving accidents. The tag line that goes along with the images is: “Don’t let your ego drive you”. Imagine seeing one of these plastered on the side of the road when you are ready to take the risk of driving home after leaving the pub.

Panasonic 3D TV

Source: Ads of the world

These fun and imaginative images perfectly sums up the power of 3D Television. It makes your screen come alive, and invites the characters into your home. The cuteness of these posters definitely draws the eye…

Brazil’s State Department of Health: Your Hands Can Be Dangerous

Source: Ads of the world

Brazil’s State Department of Health launched a powerful campaign aimed at educating the public about the bacteria that manifests on our hands. These poignant visuals perfectly sum up the danger. It is also done in a cartoon-like way, because, you know, we need to teach hand washing to the kids and all…


This triangular folding brochure is powerful because it plays on the senses. This interactive brochure creates a tactile experience. This kind of advertising has proven to be incredibly effective as the reader retains the information provided because of the sensory experience itself. Interestingly, this cleverly designed brochure opens out to form the TVNZ 7 logo symbol.

Adult Swim

This awesome brochure designed for Adult Swim’s Comic-Con booth can be viewed with polarized 3D glasses. The glasses make the saturated colours appear closer and make the less saturated colours recede. This brochure was handed out to visitors and was an innovative way to give out 3D glasses to fans. This design was achieved using fluorescent spot colours.

Bayer Aspirin: Workache
aspirin3 aotw
aspirin2 aotw
aspirin1 aotw

Source: Ads of the world

This campaign is entitled “Bayer Aspirin for Workache” and brilliantly depicts a feeling we can all relate to. Using workplace objects and giving them pained expressions helped convey what the images represent. Bayer Aspirin is just what is needed to cure this ‘workache’.

Have you got bright ideas for designs that will help you stand out from the crowd?

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