The Importance of Brand Management Solutions

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The importance of brand management

Brand management refers to the designing and maintaining of a brand image. This comes down to defining and positioning a brand, and delivering the brand value consistently.

By managing the look and feel of your brand and branding solutions effectively, you are differentiating your brand from your competitors. With a streamlined brand message, you project professionalism and reliability. This leads to continued and long lasting customer loyalty.

Brand management begins with having a comprehensive understanding of your “brand.” So, what exactly is a brand?

Your brand represents what your business stands for and “who” your business is. This is made up of your company’s name, messaging, logo, content, corporate stationery, merchandising and design. You develop a company “promise” through branding, expressing a certain message and maintaining it.

Brand management is made up of managing and maintaining a variety of tangible and intangible business characteristics.

Tangible brand characteristics include: packaging, imagery, marketing materials, the product or service itself, pricing, availability and customer experience.

Intangible brand elements include: client expectation and emotional connection with products or services.

Your Brand should:

  • Ensure your service or product stands out from your competition.
  • Makes your business strengths visible – what can customers only get from you?
  • Trigger immediate recognition with potential customers and current customers.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your community.
  • Be visible where and when it matters – get your marketing to the right audience at the right time.
  • Keep reminding people of your brand reputation.
  • See greater return on investment thanks to brand awareness.

Why Brand Management is Vital

With effective brand management, your clients always recognise your company, service and product. You can create a powerful brand through images, content and adverts. Your business is developing a reputation with everything you do and every interaction someone has with the brand. Therefore, you need to live up to your brand promise every single day.

The most important aspect of brand management is ongoing control and maintenance. Successful brand management involves ensuring every touch point, from brochures and business cards to packaging and social media – everything with your brands name, logo and messaging, needs to be in-line with your brand identity. This strengthens associations with your brand and potential and current clients.

Many businesses employ full-time brand managers to make sure the brand is always held in high regard and never misrepresented or diminished. Brand managers are responsible for creating high quality promotional content that continues to strengthen the brand and its messaging.

Managing your Brand with our Brand Management Portal

Jetline’s Brand Management Portal (BMP) works as a digital style guide, maintaining your relevant brand information and guidelines. This advanced brand management system promises brand uniformity across all your marketing and corporate materials, from business cards to letterheads.

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