Business Card Design Tips from the Print Experts

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Business card design tips from the printing experts

Business cards are vital when it comes to creating a positive and memorable first impression. Jetline Print on Demand has been in the business of business card design and business card printing for years. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of tips to take your business cards to the next level.

High Quality Paper Stock

Your commitment to quality and professionalism is reflected in the paper stock you choose for your business cards. Think about it. If you are given a flimsy, easily worn-out business card, would you trust the business? Probably not. And would you keep that card? Again, probably not. That business card is more likely to see the trash can then a wallet.

Using quality paper stock doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank either. Speak to your professional printing company and ask their advice on what quality paper stock is within your budget.

You are investing in your future by choosing durable, thick paper. And your return on investment will speak for itself.

Reflect your Brand Identity

Your brand identity should always be cohesive, from your logo to your brand colours and tone of voice. You don’t want to confuse your audience by presenting them with non-cohesive branded materials.

Your logo and brand colours (if you are going for full colour print) need to be present on your business card. This comes down to brand management.

Learn more about the importance of brand management here.

Colour your Card Correctly

Colour printing is always a good idea for business cards. Full colour print business cards catch the eye and express your brand personality effectively.

But don’t get carried away with colour!

Too much colour means the trash can!

People need to be able to focus on key elements of your card (your contact details being the most important.) Too much colour can be too distracting. Therefore, it is important to work alongside a professional graphic designer and printing company. Professionals guide you through the process, ensuring your business card does not overwhelm the viewer.

Make use of Finishes

A smart way to make an instant impact with your business card is to invest in a special finish. Jetline offers a variety of business card finishes including: foil blocking, spot UV, and metallic inks. This kind of design detail makes your business card that much more visually appealing.

Your potential client will not toss out an aesthetically appealing business card easily! Speak to your printing company and discover what finishes would work best for your business card and your budget.

Get Creative with your Copy

You know your audience and what they appreciate. If you are in a conservative industry, then adding a creative slogan or graphic probably isn’t for you (or your audience.) But if you are in an industry that gives you room to play, why not include a catchy one liner or quirky image? This kind of creativity makes you memorable.

Keep your quirky slogan short and sweet. Keep your graphics contained. You don’t want to overwhelm the viewer with too much to look at on such a small space.

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At Jetline we understand and appreciate the importance of business cards. We have put together business card promotions and business card pricing to suit any budget.

The Jetline experts work with you to provide the ultimate-end result. From design to delivery, we are the printing company for you.

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