Smart Logo Design and their Hidden Meanings

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Smart logos and their hidden meanings

Logos are able to project ideas and corporate identity in one simple image. Some brands have gone to the next level with their logo design, inserting awesome hidden meanings in the design. Let’s begin by giving props to these designers, they have clearly gone above and beyond!

Before you read what the hidden meanings are in the below logo designs, try figure them out for yourself first.

Hidden Meaning in Logo Design


The hidden symbolism in the FedEx design is hard to spot. Upon closer inspection you will notice that the space between the E and the X form an arrow. We associate arrows with speed and efficiency. This is exactly what the FedEx brand stands for.

Well played FedEx, well played.

Spartan Golf Club

Not only does the logo show us the helmet associated with the Sparta of ancient Greece, it also depicts a man taking an epic golf swing.

The designer definitely scored a hole in one with this design!

Tour de France

Barring all the controversy that has plagued the Tour De France recently, one thing we can appreciate is their logo design.

Can you spot the cycler in the image? Take a look at the “R” and see for yourself.

Lion Bird

Beautifully executed, the merging of these two images draw the eye of the observer effortlessly.

This may be a literal interpretation of the brands name which is usually a touch and go idea. However, because a lot of thought and smart design has gone into the logo, it works excellently.


The company has utilised coding to create the universal representation of a fish portraying the brand in one simple image.

This reflects a company of innovation, thoughtfulness, and creativity. Exactly what you want from a coding specialist.


Do you see the arrow as a representation of a smiley face? But notice where the arrow begins and where it ends.

Not only does Amazon believe in making the client happy , they also offer all products, anything from A-Z.

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Your logo design forms the foundation of your brand identity, working as the visual indicator of your business. When customers and potential customers view your billboards, business cards, website, social media marketing platforms and all other marketing materials, they need to instantly recognize your business and service offerings because of this visual identifier.

The key to creating a powerful logo design is to develop one that is a wearable. This means that it works across all marketing platforms, from print to digital, while capturing the essence of your business identity and company values.

Designing a logo is a monumental task. It takes strategic thinking, testing and of course, you need a professional graphic designer, printing company and branding company to help you through the process.

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