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Pamphlets, booklets, flyers and leaflets, there are a multitude of print handout options for you to choose from. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed when deciding the right print marketing for your brand.

As a professional printing company, we have put together a print handout guide to help you discover which option works best for your brand and business.

Brochure Printing

Similar to flyers, but able to fit more information, brochures are a popular way to inform your target market and promote your brand identity. Brochures have a fold to create multiple pages or panels of information. Common folds include: half folds, in-folds, and z-folds.

You also have the option to create your brochure using multiple sheets bound together. As printing company brochure technology evolves and as the marketing environment becomes more complex, it has become important for brands to be “out of the box” when it comes to their brochure design.

Today, advertisers understand the need for innovative design. They have taken to developing brochures that stand out, with one of a kind print design.

Brochures are often used as:

  • Follow-up promotional materials to assist in closing a sale.
  • Educational content to inform clients and potential clients about services: Popular at trade shows, expos, and activations.
  • Reference material for customers and employees.

Flyer Printing

Also known as leaflets, flyers are usually printed on standard 8.5″x 11″. They are used for marketing on a smaller scale and often handed out across a small region. Unlike brochures, flyers are not folded. They are usually used to promote events, specific products or services.

You need to draw the eye of your audience and inform your target market quickly when it comes to your flyer content and design. The information provided needs to be straight to the point, short and concise, while the design needs to be eye-catching.

Flyers are cost-effective and if you are looking to reach a localised audience, they are the ideal print marketing solution.

Flyers are most often used for: 

  • Event promotion
  • Fact sheets at a conference and trade show
  • Advertising sales, products or new business
  • Inserts in newspapers and magazines
  • Localised side of the road/in-store hand outs

Booklet Printing

Made up of multi-sheets and usually bound with either saddle-stitching or staples, booklets offer durability and more space for detailed information. Due to their structure, booklets offer more longevity than brochures.

Booklets are often used as:

  • Manuals
  • Service and Product Catalogues
  • Reference Materials

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If you want to create a successful print handout campaign, the key lies in strategy and working with experienced print designers and a professional printing company. Jetline offers a turn-key printing solution, from design through to delivery.

Contact the Jetline team today for all your printing, design and brand management solutions.

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