The Importance of Typeface in Design and Branding

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The importance of typeface in design and branding

When working alongside a graphic design, digital, branding, or printing company, you are sure to discuss fonts throughout the creative process. You will be inundated with a variety of terms such as Script, Slab Serif, or Sans Serif. As odd as those words may sound, they are a vital part of the design and branding world.

Below, we take a look at everything you need to know about typography in design and branding.


The most common question asked regarding typography is: “What is the difference between typeface and fonts?”

Let’s settle this as simply as possible:

  • A typeface refers to a single family member of that font. (The leader of the family of you will.)
  • A font is a grouping of typefaces that have similar characteristics. (All other members of the family.)

Take Gotham for example:

Gotham has a selection and variation of typefaces in its design, but all these options fall under the same parent font, Gotham. By selecting your parent font and understanding the variety of typefaces that comes with it, you begin building a cohesive visual brand identity.


We have a vast, seemingly endless, variety of fonts to choose from, however, it is important to take a look at the main players.


Serif fonts have a slight projection at the end of a stroke, commonly noticeable at the bottom of the letter. This is what is known as Serif Font, and because of the little projections at the bottom of the letters, the font is made easier to read – hence its popularity in the design and branding world.


This is a font without the projection at the end of a stroke.

Above you can clearly see the difference between these two fonts.

Side note: these fonts can become difficult to read when in smaller sizes, and therefore carefully consider readability when designing your brand materials such as business cards, flyers, and mobile content.


This particular font option is popular for its classic, elegant, and professional aesthetic. You will usually see a Script font used for wedding invitations and certificates. Designers know to use this font sparingly. A script font is definitely not to be used in the body of copy or in smaller spaces. Do not use Script for the body of your brochure or flyer, and your smaller prints such as business cards.


This is the kind of font you will see on film posters, banners, billboards, and newspapers. This is because the font is purposely designed to grab the eye and emphasize a particular point. Much like Script, Display font should not be used in big quantities.


This kind of font looks as though it has been crafted by hand. They can either appear to be written by a child, or written in pen or in chalk etc. These fonts are fun to use when you want to add a human element to a particular brand.


Typefaces and fonts carry with them a lot of meaning, they are emotive and have the ability to stir certain emotions in the reader. You need to remember that when you choose a font for your particular project, you need to make sure it evokes the kind of reaction you require from your audience.


So, does a well thought out font actually make a difference? Will people really notice when a bad font is used? And will a bad font effect a brand? The answer is yes!

An example of a bad font choice effecting a business would be PepsiCo’s Tropicana Juice. In 2009, the marketing team decided that the brand needed a major change, so a rebranding strategy was put in place and implemented.

The classic font of Tropicana was changes to sans serif font, and in 2 months sales began to drastically decline – by 20% to be precise. This cost the brand millions of dollars! Obviously they quickly got rid of the new look and feel and the original font was back in action.


When customers and potential customers walk by your billboard, or come across your business card, they need to immediately identify your business because of your logo, colours, design, and yes – typography!

It is imperative that you work closely with an experienced graphic design, branding and printing company when it comes to choosing the right font for your brand.

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